The reasons for the popularity of online games

Popularity online games— one of the most common themes in today's Internet environment. But why are they so attractive to people of different professions and ages? Abundance is up online games and easy to operate violencein the game in the top of Hobbies around the world.

unfortunately, sometimes that person and does not want to come back to reality. He is satisfied with the rich and the desired virtual game world. A world where life goes by its own rules. However, for successful completion of the game the person sometimes necessary to break the rules of the earth, real. Already is not new information that some avid gamers for game money or your character can sell a child or kill someone in real life. Here already we should talk about addiction and its causes. About the most common reasons and talk:

  1. self-Realization. Often the person engrossed in online games, really do not have enough opportunities to realize themselves. These are more likely to suffer ambitious people, whom fate had not given the chance to become “best” in any field. In the game they have such opportunity through the development of your character and the achievement of certain vertices.
  2. Communication. Another equally important requirement that successfully implemented on the Internet games. There are chat rooms where correspondence is conducted via SMS. The player is allowed to say anything and. This, of course, not in ordinary life, where the language has to follow. What prevents the gamer to communicate this way in reality? For a start, at least social status and age. In the game these barriers not.
  3. Freedom. And first of all it's freedom of action, which is definitely not in reality. The plots of the games more simple, but for the player and his character there are hundreds and even thousands of lines of conduct. Choose what you want. Or, what would not have chosen in everyday life. But the things that people did during the game, can occur in life. So, for example, is already the norm for the game was murder, theft, false.
  4. Lack of control. It is a matter for parents and children, although some adults sometimes control would not hurt. Often due to their busy parents just don't know what their child. Because in the present time, even at home, the child may be in danger, especially if he has access to the Internet. And as you know, the child's mind easier and faster being adversely affected.
  5. Earnings. It is, indeed, one of the reasons for the popularity online games. And we can earn on what you ’procacau» your character and becoming a skilled player, can for the money (no matter what game or real) to help beginners.
  6. a Lot of free time.

well, reasons why do people play games, clear to us. But forewarned is forearmed. If you have noticed thatonline game becomes for you, not just a hobby, but a life, it's time to either change the game or valuecomplete and analyze the situation: perhaps dependence already very close..