A little bit of history

Tourism – from the French. tourizm < walking tour, a trip. To give a brief and complete definition of the concept of "tourism", due to the diversity of its functions and a large number of forms, it is difficult.

According to the definition adopted by the UN in 1954 year, tourism – this is an active vacation, affecting the health, physical development of a person associated with travel outside the permanent place of residence.

In proceedings of the world conference on tourism, held WTO 1981 year in Madrid, the following definition: tourism — one of the activities, which are trips made for the purpose of knowledge of certain areas of new countries and combined in the number of countries with elements of sport.

In 1993, the United Nations Statistical Commission adopted a broader definition:tourism – it is the activities of persons traveling to and shall stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year, for leisure, business and other purposes.

there are No people have no idea what is tourism. Someone knows about tourism more and some less. Today, every third citizen of this planet has ever been in campaigns.

Remember the Golden rule tourist:

If you will be traveling in the company of their friends, the tour will stay with you much longer. But if you eat alone, loneliness is not threatened. Joint crossings contribute to Dating. Smile more, be friendly, and by the end of the trip you will get not only new experiences, and new good friends.

According to the statistics of such tours mostly popular with women and couples. Men going on such a tour, you will have to pay extra charge for single accommodation at a nominal sum.

Going on the road, remember three basic rules:

• Be patient, which will help you survive the possible troubles. Remember that the pleasure received from the tour will stay with you much longer.

• don't be late! Full of passengers, the bus will not wait for one. And if they wait, then you will be fine. The sizes of which range from one dollar to a barrel of wine at all.

• Watch for the money! For a vacation without a penny in his pocket will be spoiled.

Bus tours are sociable; patient, unassuming people. If these qualities foreign to you, make your choice in favor of other types of recreation. And if you dare, have a good trip.